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 specialist grip crew in Scotland

specialist grip crew in ScotlandACTIVE HEAD 

The design of this head is fully compatible with all types of film and digital cameras. The head is also suitable for small and mid-size 3D rigs. Its unique design allows for a  high stabilisation performance even with the longest and heaviest lens, such as Optimo 24 - 290.

The head is equipped with a digital lens control system that adds functionality and flexibility. It's available with a variety of control options such as Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar.

specialist grip crew in Scotland

 specialist grip crew in Scotland

specialist grip crew in Scotland

specialist grip crew in Scotland














- 35Kg / 77 lbs weight (approx)
- Precise digital control
- Independent soft-stops for each axis
- Operator's positional readouts (both bargraph & degrees)
- RCU / CCU control through slip-rings
- Arri 435 to 150 FPS through system
- Adjustable wheel responsiveness
- Simple touch-screen control
- Record and playback facility
- User-editable playback speed
- Pan/tilt resolution: 1,000,000 per revolution
- Roll resolution: 570,000 per revolution (approx)



The Mega III has been designed to be a lightweight, yet highly rigid platform for the vast majority of film cameras. It has sufficient power to swiftly maneuver a camera with a large zoom lens. With sliprings in all 3 axes, the camera is free to move without snagging wires.

Why use the Mega III?

Efficient: Set-up time has been known to be as little as 10 minutes from arrival of the equipment on set to "Action" being called. The system has been very highly specified - reliability is a key factor of the system's design, and most of the major working parts can be easily swapped should it be required.

User Friendly: The custom-designed control system of the Mega III has an extremely intuitive functionality such that operators feel confident when operating or adjusting the system.

Precise: The Mega III is also known for its precision, such that the operator is confident that the camera is always where they want it. There is no drift, and the head checks its position over 300 times a second to ensure utmost accuracy, with pan and tilt encoding of over 2,500 counts per degree of head movement.

Post Production: Recorded moves can be stored to PC either for re-playing at a later date, for storing multiple moves, or for output to MAYA or compatible packages. This makes tracking the position of the head very simple.

The operator has the position indicated on an "at-a-glance" graph, along with a precise numerical readout.

Military-approved aircraft-quality connectors have been widely used throughout the system, and metalwork is hard-anodised aluminium and stainless steel construction where possible. The drive systems utilise zero-backlash gearboxes.







 specialist grip crew in Scotland



 - Total weight: 22 kg / 48,5 lbs

 - H x W x D: 392.3 x 531.1 x 535.7 mm 

 - Max. speed: 360°/ 2,5 sec. 

 - Payload: 35 kg / 77,1 lbs

 - Head motion limit (pan/tilt/roll): 900°

 - Head torque: 30 Nm

 - Power voltage: 115/230VAC                             

 -Mitchell adapter mount          

  key FEATURES     

System type: 3 axis fibre-optic gyro stabilized
Control options: Handwheels, Pan-bar, Joystick,
Operational temperatures: -20° C to 45° C
 Motor: brushless AC motors with noiseless operation
Fully programmable, recordable and repeatable camera head and lens control
Targeting (automatic compensation for crane swing, telescope and focus)
Back pan (automatic compensation for crane swing)
Built-in 12/24V camera power supply
Programmable limits at Pan, Tilt and Roll axis








  • Full Stabilization
  • No Gyro Lock
  • No Roll Spin Off in corners and fast turns
  • True Horizontal Panning and Vertical Tilts when head at an angle
  • Flexible 2 or 3 Axis Format
  • Stabilization Pre-sets for Fast Setup
  • Quick Adjustments For Balance
  • Plug & Play Digital Design
  • Zero Backlash
  • Simple BNC Control
  • Wireless
  • Rigid Construction
  • Weather Resistant
  • For Film & TV
  • Joystick, Pan Bar or Wheels
  • Stab-Genie Control Option
  • One System giving Three Formats



The POWERPOD PRIME is a fully stabilized lightweight remote head that performs exceptionally well with Camera packages of up to 30 kg. Its modular design uses dovetail slides to easily change from 3 to 2 Axis in minutes. It can achieve perfect balance in Pan as well as Tilt Axis using these slides. The custom Zero Backlash drives give the stabilization excellent precision and performance.

In Three Axis, the head only weighs 19 kg (42 Pounds), making it one of the lightest stabilized systems that can hold a full package.

This innovative system follows in the traditions of our POWERPOD & PEE-POD remotes. Using clever ideas and helpful innovation, it presents advanced stabilized technology that puts you in total control.


 Weight without Side Support   12.5 kg
 Weight with Side Support   15.5 kg
 Weight with Third Axis   19 kg
 Maximum Speed of Pan & Tilt   360 Degrees in 2 sec
 Maximum Speed of Roll 360 Degrees   in 2.5 secs
 Maximum Weight of Camera Package  
 - without side support   27 kg
 - with side support

  35 kg







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