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The Supertechno is the most popular telescopic camera crane in the world. Commonly known as the workhorse of the telescopic arms, equally capable outdoors, on a stage, or any location.

Its innovative design, smooth running, advanced planning and targeting software integrates with established AR and VFX software to give this crane setup a unique edge over any other

With a 23ft telescopic range (7ft - 30ft reach) and a 30ft lens height. It includes the speed box and 3-axis capable Technohead S and can support any other remote head, 3D-camera setup or heavy load without worry. 

Securing its reputation as the most inherently stable of all the telescopic cranes available within the industry today - With excellent image stabilisation, always configured to support 16mm & 35mm film cameras, professional video, digital video, and HD cameras. It can also work with large format cameras (65mm & IMAX)


 Max Payload (Head + Camera)  59 kg (130 lbs)
 Max Length (Pivot - Front End)  9.56 m (31.36 ft)
 Min Length (Pivot - Front End)  2.69 m (8.83 ft)
 Rear section Length (Pivot - Front End)  2.36 m (7.74 ft)
 Max Lens Height   9.2 m (30.18 ft)
 Telescopic Travel   6.87 m (22.54 ft)
 Telescopic Travel Speed  2.8m/s (9.19 ft/s)
 Dolly Length  1.65 m (5.41ft)
 Dolly Width  1.36 m (4.46 ft)
 Total Maximum Weight  1350 kg (2976 lbs)
 Footprint 360* Length  6 m (19.69 ft)
 Footprint 360* Width  6 m (19.69 ft)
 Footprint 180* Length  6 m (19.69 ft)
 Footprint 180* Width  4 m (13.12 ft)
 Min Door Width   1.4 m (4.60 ft)
 Min Door Height  2.15 m (7.05 ft)
 Power Requirement  220 V, 16 Amp
 Track Wheels  Yes
 Raincover  Yes
 Track Size   1446 mm(56.95 ft)

TECHNOhead  s  



 - Total weight: 22 kg / 48,5 lbs

 - H x W x D: 392.3 x 531.1 x 535.7 mm 

 - Max. speed: 360°/ 2,5 sec. 

 - Payload: 35 kg / 77,1 lbs

 - Head motion limit (pan/tilt/roll): 900°

 - Head torque: 30 Nm

 - Power voltage: 115/230VAC                             

 -Mitchell adapter mount          


System type: 3 axis fibre-optic gyro stabilized

Control options: Handwheels, Pan-bar, Joystick,

Operational temperatures: -20° C to 45° C

 Motor: brushless AC motors with noiseless operation

  • Fully programmable, recordable and repeatable camera head and lens control
  • Targeting (automatic compensation for crane swing, telescope and focus)
  • Back pan (automatic compensation for crane swing)
  • Built-in 12/24V camera power supply
  • Programmable limits at Pan, Tilt and Roll axis


 Our Supertechno package comes complete with our highly experienced and knowledgeable Glasgow based CREW to ensure that your production is fully supported and you can capture the shot you want on film.


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